Your cause matters
Charity model

We are helping artists who are striving to create a better world.

Within this model we are aiming for a fair, transparent and straightforward way of bootstrapping, where all generated revenue from NFT sales would be distributed as follows: 95% of sales would go for the Charity/NGO and 5% to the Stitchia Network (where 2% would go to StitchiaDAO Treasury and 3% development of the NFT collection).

We do envisage an alternative option here for some special projects where we could implement a 98/2 split model: 98% for Charity/NGO and remaining 2% – 1% for the NFT artist and 1% for StitchiaDAO Treasury.

Use case 3:

A Charity/NGO is reaching out to Stitchia Network with her/his artwork/creative idea via a Genesis NFT ticket owner’s endorsement or a STITCH token backer proposal. After submission of a pre-approval request form with basic details attached (initiation stage), the core team and at least one Ticket holder’s endorsement, the idea is placed for a Network Vote (Accept or Not); If accepted, the idea moves into the next inception stage, including: NFT design, creation and minting & listing on Stitchia Marketplace.
Share of profit would be allocated as follows:
95% for the Charity/NGO,
3% development of the NFT collection,
and 2% Stitchia Network Treasury.

Relocation of funds (rollout stage) to the Charity/NGO would be delivered flexibly in phases, based on pre-agreed deliverables/milestones.

Let’s make an example:

A girl named Jenny has a charitable idea – she wants to plant trees around her city. She has a friend who is an artist and they are drawing 1,000 digital 3D cool looking trees. Jenny wants to use Stitchia Network to back up and support her idea by selling these drawings (also could use one of our artists to create that collection) as an NFT collection. Via the endorsement of a Genesis NFT ticket holder.

She fills in a pre-approval request form (with a brief review on her and her idea) which is being submitted for review firstly by the core team of Stitchia Network, but also to the existing Genesis NFT ticket community – entire pre-approval and endorsement process to be fully decentralized by the StitchiaDAO.
Once the core team and least one Genesis NFT ticket owner endorse/like the idea, Jenny’s proposal is placed for a final vote by Stitchia Network members, and if affirmative (at least 51% of votes in favour), process moves into the inceptions stage,
where core team, alongside Stitchia NFT ticket endorser(s) support Jenny to design, create, mint and list a NFT collection which would be used to bootstrap his funding needs.
Alternatively, Jenny could even purchase a Genesis NFT ticket (if they are still available on and endorse and list the pre-approval request form by herself.

Let’s assume her idea is already being endorsed and approved and it moves into the inception stage, where the team of Stitchia alongside endorser(s) would shape and plan technical and design work needed, alongside minting and marketing (if needed)

The Charity/NGO and/or artist associated with creation of NFTs would keep getting royalties of 3% on each and every resale that incurs afterward. The tree collection of 1,000 NFTs are minted.

Free airdrop to the Tailors and 50% of the Makers and guaranteed allocation for the Cutters. The rest (489) would be left for the public to mint.

Let’s draw a line where the funds are collected – $200,000 – from which $190,000 (95%) goes to Jenny’s charitable idea, where funds would be distributed in phases directly in crypto (ETH or MATIC), based on the pre-agreed deliverables/milestones proposed by him in the application form. Whilst the remaining 5% would be split into – 3% development of the NFT collection, and 2% dedicated to StitchiaDAO treasury.

Royalties explained:

Here at Stitchia Network we envision a transparent and fair lifetime royalties distribution of 5% as follows:

3% for the NFT artist/creator.
2% for Stitchia Network Treasury
*When an NFT is sold/resold a % could go to the creator of the collection.