This roadmap marks off our vision, achievements thus far as well as our future milestones and goals, on our way to developing the Stitchia Network. We have many brilliant and even bold ideas to further improve and enhance our platform features which would definitely reflect the roadmap. It may change or even expand over time as we are constantly striving to become better!

September 2021

Initial Concept

  • The birth of Stitchia Network as a concept.

  • Borislav(CEO) and Anton(CSO) came up with the initial idea to bootstrap and support creators through digital art (NFT) sales and auctions.

October 2021 

Team Expansion v.1

  • Blockchain developer and Chief of Design joined the team and started work on the formation of and its initial proposition.

  • Stitchia’s team met with theGenuine Dapp founder’s team and started work on the first case study of a play-to-learn-and-earn model Sustainable Clothing and Fashion education Dapp and professional collaboration platform.

November 2021 

Team Expansion v.2 and Social Channels Build up

  • Front-end developer joins the team and Marketing Lead recruitment.

  • Development work of Stitchia Network v1.0 framework, incl. Litepaper and blockchain architecture, and development of an initial website and social channels.

  • Initial development of exclusive early-stage NFT tickets to be sold as Genesis STITCHIA Tickets for the core community members. 

  • Wallet integration, smart contract development, documentation.

  • Start building the Fashion Cats Club NFT collection


December 2021 

Developing of the Genesis Stitchia Tickets and The Fashion Cats Club

  • A Marketing Lead joined the team.

  • Working on the Fashion Cats Club collection – Have ready 5 Fashion Cats Teasers

  • Preparing the initial Genesis Stitchia Tickets – granting early subscribers with exclusive access to the upcoming features of Stitchia Network

  • Official roll-out of Stitchia’s social and marketing channels on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn and finalize work on initial NFT Tickets go-live. 

January 2022 

STITCH Token, Early-Bird OpenSea Sales, and Stitchia Marketplace

  • Official Early-Bird Sales on OpenSea of 20% Genesis Stitchia Tickets

  • Develop Stitchia Marketplace for the Genesis Stichia tickets and upcoming NFT mints

  • Developing a voting-based decentralized model of new projects selection and governance.

  • Publish Litepaper v2.0

  • Publish Roadmap v2.0

  • Global Marketing Campaign

February 2022  

Stichia Marketplace and Tokenomics of STITCH Token

  • Finalize the concept of the governance STITCH token

  • Release Tokenomics v1.0

  • Launch Stitchia Marketplace

Q1 2022 

Whitepaper and Official Launch of the Fashion Cats Club

  • Fashion Cats Club airdrop to a list of Stitchia Genesis Tickets owners

  • The official mint of the Fashion Cats Club

  • Publish Whitepaper

  • Expand Tokenomics

  • Release of v2.0

Q2 2022 

STITCH Token development, DAO structure, and developing theGenuine Dapp v1.0

  • Start work on the initial version of theGenuine (Sustainable fashion) Dapp and start defining its play-to-learn-and-earn model. 

  • Building Stitchia Network v2.0

  • Release the next NFT round (our target is to execute 1-3 NFT sales by quarter). 

  • Develop DAO structure functionalities v1.0

Q3 2022 

STITCH Token Airdrop, DAO & Metaverse v1.0 build, theGenuine launch

  • Release the STITCH token distribution model framework, including formal exchange listing.

  • STITCH token airdrop to the Genesis ticket owners

  • Provide Liquidity on QuickSwap

  • Start formal exchange listing applications with a target on at least 1 live listing. 

  • Start work on designing & building the Stitchia Metaverse Education Hub v1.0 Framework.

  • Network expansion – find a partnership to build the Metaverse Hub

  • Go live with theGenuine Dapp v1.0

Q4 2022 

STITCH Token – Staking and Governance Functionalities & Metaverse v1.0 

  • Full STITCH token functionalities live

  • Start work on expanding the Stitchia Metaverse Education Hub v1.0, where users could virtually visit and interact/learn/play with the different apps and dApps (like theGenuine) content, developed within our network of products and peers (partners, collaborators, etc.).

  • Audit of the DAO infrastructure

Q1 2023