The story

In the Cat’s fashion world, there was always a competition for the coolest style and the best dressed. All the cats hurried to improve their outlook, they would change their fit every day to keep up with the trends, sometimes twice a day. And clothes were never enough, the new ones would quickly become the old ones. In fact they were taking so much space, that the right decision was to resell them for a smaller price or even throw them away! The madness would inevitably continue escalating, until one day it had reached a peak and no cat could keep up anymore. Being the best dressed, wearing the newest collections finally began to feel unfulfilling and boring. Designers went depressed, uninspired, and exhausted. So what started seeming attractive, and perhaps the only way forward, was wearing something that looks cool, would remain in trends forever, and will last a lifetime. Additionally, buying rare and cool clothes was a sustainable choice. Instead of buying a lot of cheap clothes. The trend became to wear rare, sustainable cool clothes! So, the cats in the fashion industry united in a mission called Fashion Cats Club, where the competition is who will wear a rare and the highest quality slow fashion outfit. But still looking cool..

Let’s get some details…

  • A total of 2222 unique, hand-drawn digital collections of fashion cats. There would be 511 reserved for the Genesis Ticket Owners, whilst the rest would have a separate minting entry price of 0.03 ETH
  • The Fashion Cats is Stitchia Network’s initial use case.
  • The NFT collections will support the development of a sustainable fashion education dapp – “theGenuine”.
  • The owners of the Fashion Cats will have voting power and premium access to “the Genuine” application and its features


A sustainable fashion education app and professional blockchain base collaboration platform based on a Play-to-Learn-and-Earn model.